Brazil Connecticut Soccer Teams


Frequently Asked Questions



Below is the link for each program's cost:

Brazukinha Program - Ages 5 & 6

Brazuca Program - Ages 7 & 8

Brazil CT Summer Teams - Ages U9 to U13

Brazil CT College Showcase Teams - Ages U14 & U19


What types of uniforms will be supplied?

All players will get a Nike sponsored Brazil CT jersey at no extra cost. We will provide a link for parents to buy blue Nike shorts and blue Nike socks from a local store. If players have their own shorts from previous years there will be no need to purchase another one. 

Are there Scholarships available?
Yes, there are limited scholarships available, we do not want any player to miss out due to finances and will do everything we can to help.

How many players will be on the Roster for a tournament?
Teams that play 7 v 7 will have maximum of 12 players on the tournament roster.

Teams that play 9 v 9 will have maximum of 14 players on the tournament roster.
Teams that play 11 v 11 will have maximum of 18 players on the tournament roster.

*For practices the number of players will vary as we want to run full scrimmages during practices.

How many teams will there be at each age group?

It all depends on how many players will sign up for each group. All teams made by Brazil CT will have players that belong to the same level.

Who will be my coach?
Brazil CT Summer Team has a numbers of qualified coaches who have a vast experience with the Brazilian methodology. Everson Maciel from Everson Soccer Academy will oversee the program and be on all teams roster and will be responsible for staffing the teams.

Will I need a CJSA or US Soccer player's pass to play?
No, we will roster the teams through USSSA which is an association that makes summer team rosters only. It will not conflict with you current club.


Do I have to attend all placement/tryouts?

No, though players can attend as many placements as they want. Registration online is preferred.

What if I can’t make the open house/placement?
We would like to see all players attend the placement, however, if you can’t make it, please contact us at  for further information regarding your selection on a team.


What days of the week will be my practice held?
Guilford/Madison, Southbury/Middlebury, West Hartford and Wallingford locations practices will be on Mondays and Wednesdays
Woodbridge location practices will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Practice times will be between 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Where are practices held?

We are working to maintain the same facility used last year, which are:

Pease Road Fields

160 Pease rd

Woodbridge CT 06525

Calvin Leete School

238 South union st

Guilford CT 06437

Settlers Park

359-479 Crook Horn Rd,

Southbury, CT 06488


Wallingford Woodhouse Fields

426 Woodhouse Ave

Wallingford CT 06492

In which tournaments will teams participate?

Below is the link for each program's tournaments:

Brazukinha Program - Ages 5 & 6

Brazuca Program - Age 7 & 8

Brazil CT Summer Teams - Ages U9 to U13

Brazil CT College Showcase Teams - Ages U14 & U18


Do I have to go to tournaments?

No, they are optional, though you are welcome to participate in as many as you want.

What if there are not enough players in my age group or level to form a team?

In that case we offer a training program focused on skills development.

How do I pay for the program?

After teams are announced you will be required to register and pay for the training sessions and uniforms (if you don’t have one already). The tournament fees will be required to be paid two weeks prior to the tournament. Payments can be done online or by check.

How is the selection of players during tryouts?

The Brazil CT staff will be analyzing players’ foot skills, techniques, athleticism and tactical awareness.

Is this program appropriate for a goalie position?

Yes, we feel that a properly trained GK is key to a team’s success; therefore, Brazil CT will provide GK specialized training. The GK will have specialized training once a week and on the other day practice with their team.

Once I make the team, which documents do I need?

All the following documents for registration are done online:
   Medical release form for tournaments
Birth certificate
Players Picture

How does lodging and transportation work for the tournaments?

Brazil CT will book a block of rooms through the tournament organization and send all information to parents. Travel expenses are not included in the fee.