Brazil Connecticut Soccer Teams




Brazil is the most famous soccer land in the world, the only country that has played all the World Cups and has won 5 titles (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002), develops thousands and thousands of great players every year. Why does Brazil have the most creative players in the world? Why are the Brazilian players so unpredictable?


The question is very easy to understand, soccer is the most popular sport in Brazil, the weather is playable all year long and the most important thing, “Futebol” is part of the Brazilian culture, no matter where people live in Brazil, on the shore – beach soccer; in big cities – futsal; on the slums – street soccer; and besides the regular soccer played in over 400 professional clubs and thousands and thousands of amateur clubs.


Brazilian Soccer is a combination of quick touches and the ability to play without the ball and using open spaces. The defensive balance, the offensive creativity with constant circulations and penetrations are the two most important characteristics of the Brazilian Game.


The major goal of Brazil CT is creating new experiences and environments where players learn how to be comfortable with the ball on their feet, how to make good decisions before receiving the ball and the most important goal, how to create situations unexpected by the opponents. The variations of experience can be developed on players with speed of thought, and, speed of improvisation, which are two strong qualities of the Brazilian players. 


Brazil CT uses a very effective training approach that has all components for players to learn and master specific techniques, formations and variation in real situations of the game following a specific progression (1v1 thru 11v11 game) educational small-sided games, futsal and regular 11v11 game condition.